Just in case the last few posts make it seem like I have no life beyond work, I want to tell you that
a) It’s true. I don’t, really. Even though I work part-time. Kind of sad, huh?
b) It’s not entirely true. I started going for a pottery workshop near my house this weekend. Felt rather spoiled, being used to an electric wheel at SUA and all… came home sore from all the kicking at the manual wheel. But still, it was good to get my hands (and clothes and sneakers and everything else) dirty again. And to realize that once you learn to work with clay, you don’t forget (I was afraid I had). I mean, sure, you can forget specific techniques, but your hands develop a certain memory– centering clay, for instance, isn’t something I think about now. It just happened. Kind of like riding a bicycle, I guess. Or the way you can’t forget how to float/ swim once you learn (OK, I know one person who did, but she’s just weird! ;)). Interesting, isn’t it, this way that the body has of developing a certain memory? I’m fascinated by the human body!

That’s all! Just adding a little disclaimer so I seem like a real person not just a worker! :)

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