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I shy away from labels and easy answers to the question “what do you do?”. They make me feel like less of a whole person than I want to be. In some ways, everything on this blog is my answer to any questions “about me.”

But that’s a copout. So, I’ll tackle this “about me” challenge by introducing myself through the first page in this dropdown menu — random facts about my life.

Twenty-five random facts

And, as some of you begin to stop by this page looking for the “professional” me, I felt the need to create this page as well.  I hope I never fall into the trap of defining myself solely, or even mainly, by this information, but it does deserve to go out there into the world as a part of who I am.

The “Professional” Version

And if there’s anything else you want to know, ask!

8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Aditi,
    Well you must be wondering who I am. How did I get to your blogs and may be why I am writing to you. I saw your FB profile thru a common friend and for some unknown reason visisted your blog and your notes on FB. I read the Sweet Learning” story and was instantly glued to your style of writing, probably for two reasons
    1) The honesty reflected in your writing. It’s hard to find something good to read and honest at the same time. Most of the print media we get these days is either factual and dull, or if it’s creative then it lacks a sense of connection with reality.
    2) Your style of writing is simply great!! your articulate expression conveys your thoughts/feeling clearly. It enliven the reading experience!

    All I can say is keep writing, its inspiring to read your experiences.


    • Thank you! I sometimes wonder who, if anyone, reads this thing, so this comment is a wonderful little surprise! I will keep writing, please keep reading! ;)

  2. Hi Aditi,

    I checked your FB account just out of curiosity, wanted to see if your blog was still there. :) Reaally really love the way you write, its almost like you are sitting next to me talking. Was really feeling a little caught up between the different things I am doing – it felt really refreshing reading waht you had written.

  3. You have such an engaging style of writing! I really enjoyed reading your blog and have subscribed to it so that i can read your latest stuff.

  4. hi aditi nice poems…congratulations for the Srinivas Rayaprol Poetry Prize for the year 2011
    i would like to add you on FB”…..whats your id?
    by the way i am also a poet (english) and hindi song writer…still in learning.. more to learn…hope to add you on facebook so as to get more learning experience from you and we can share poetry skills….check out my poem here>

    Life’s Fragrance

    felt life for the love of existence,
    to live it we must have patience,
    the way life unfolds enthralls me,
    it makes us build up dreams to see,

    once let me think of the blissful sky,
    i always wondered and questioned why,
    is life a long journey to an abode so high,
    but its a relation of happiness and nigh,

    fragrance of a rose felt in the wind,
    light of beauty falling on the land,
    the chirping birds are’not just singing,
    its far away tales they are bringing,

    love of life needs to be given lot of care,
    every moment of it is so very much rare,
    be pure within self and rejoice the day,
    and be glad for everything that is to stay.

    hope to connect with you……my FB id TAUSIF ALI (VISAKHAPATANAM CITY)

    • Hi Tausif, thanks for your comment and for stopping by the blog. I do use Facebook, but I prefer to use it only to stay in touch with people I know in my non-virtual life (I find it hard to keep up otherwise!). I hope you understand; please don’t take it personally.

      You are, of course, more than welcome to continue to stop by here and continue this conversation through the blog! Good luck with your own writing too!

  5. Hi Aditi,

    I can’t seem to find an email id for you. I’d like to interview you for a journal I write for, Helter Skelter. Let me know how I can be in touch.


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