Italian Translation of “This Wall Survived Because It Stayed Useful”

My poem, “This Wall Survived Because it Stayed Useful” (first published here by Cha: An Asian Literary Journal) was recently translated into Italian by Francesca Spinelli, the poetry editor of the magazine Internazionale (unfortunately, there is no online version, so I don’t have text to go behind the image for folks who use screenreaders, only this JPEG from which i can’t copy-paste. Sorry!)

How random, but how lovely to see your own words, translated by a complete stranger, into a language you don’t understand :)


Caravan Writers of India Festival Video

I only just saw this video of our readings in Paris last September. Such a lovely memory, and so glad some of these performances are recorded for the future.

I come on around minute 52, Karthika Nair right before, Akhil Katyal right after. But really, watch the whole thing when you have an hour — everyone was incredible.

That said, if you watch nothing else about this video, watch Jeet’s beautiful performance of his poem “To Baudelaire” accompanied by piano music at 1:09. What a close to what an evening.

In the News, for Different Reasons

As some of you might know, I have recently launched an arts-for-social-change program for teenagers in Delhi, under the fellowship. Happy to see the initiative being recognised — we have only taken our first baby steps yet, but here’s to hoping this grows as serendipitously and magically as the rest :)

(apologies to folks with low vision or others who use screen readers. I tried, but failed, to get a copy of this text that I could upload as background text, and this photo isn’t great either. I wish you could all read this, but I’m running up against the internet here :( )

Also: typo in the headline! But maybe yes, this time round, chance rather than change — agli baari se change hoga, pakka! ;)