So, yes. I’m an amateur potter as well. Specifically, I’m a coffee-mug maker (I love coffee mugs!), but the attempt to diversify has begun.

Clay centers me (pun sort-of intended). Working on the wheel uses such a different part of the brain from writing and from activist-y work, it balances me out and keeps me sane (if you look back far enough into my blog archives, you’ll find an entry about life lessons I learn at the pottery wheel).

Here, then, are photos of some recent work. Almost all of them were gifts, and I love the idea that people I love in different countries are sipping their morning coffee out of my mugs or eating their cereal in my bowls.

If I ever get good enough to move from amateur to professional and start selling my pots, I’ll let you know… in the meantime, just be really nice to me right around your birthday, and you might win one! ;)