This 12-Weekend Creative Writing Workshop in New Delhi cuts across genres and skill levels, combining craft and community, for a unique workshop experience. 

I teach a 12 week creative writing workshop, for beginners and experienced writers alike, out of my living room in New Delhi. Every weekend, the twelve of us (lawyers, journalists, academics, architects, graphic designers, NGO professionals, students, psychologists, homemakers, and so many more!) gather for 3 1/2 hours of writing, reading, critiquing and conversation over coffee and homemade brownies.

Each week, we play some writing games, do some open-ended writing and some structured writing exercises, read to one another, and review manuscripts. Participants are always encouraged to do the day’s exercise, but they are also always free to write on a different theme. They are always invited to share, but they are never forced. The structure and style of this workshop is informed by the work of Cassandra Medley (The Writer’s Gym), Pat Schneider (the Amherst Writers and Artists Method), Peter Elbow (Writing With Power) and Liz Lermans critique process.

At the core of my pedagogy is a deep belief in, and respect for, the artistic journey and goals of each individual in the workshop, including those who do not yet consider themselves artists. At the same time, the creation of a safe, strong, and vibrant community of writers is an important priority — for many writers, having such a community where one can be heard proves to be a crucial part of learning to tell the stories they want to tell. Craft is taught in every session of the workshop, but more often through the feedback process than in a lecture format.

The total cost for the 12 weeks of workshop is Rs. 10,000/- per person, although I am open to fee reductions based on financial need. 

I have also taught creative writing at schools and colleges in Delhi and New York, and I’m happy to tailor a workshop for your institution, or for a group of 8 − 12 people. Again, get in touch!

Want to Join a Writing Workshop?

Because of my belief in writing as a process and in the importance of community, I do not accept students midway through the twelve week workshop. If you are interested in hearing about future workshops, as and when I start a new group, please sign up for my newsletter below

​​​While I do my best to respond in a timely fashion to messages through the “contact me” page, I am not always able to do so due to the large volume of inquiries. Signing up for this newsletter is the surest way of getting new workshop information as soon as it goes out.


I have been teaching academic and research writing, in group as well as
one-on-one settings, since 2005. Typically, my research writing workshops consist of a 7 workshop module in two phases, starting from pre-writing, literature review, and outlining, and running through organization, logic and evidence, revision, editing, and academic conventions. Each 3 hour workshop is broken up about half and half between full-group instruction and small-group or one-on-one instruction. Participants also have the option of scheduling one-on-one appointments outside of workshop hours, or of requesting feedback over email.Specifics, of course, can be worked out and tailored to meet your organization’s or institution’s needs. 


I have a decade of experience tutoring writing, having worked one-on-one with students from high school through Ph.D. candidates. Specifically, I tutor academic writing and writing for application essays and statements of purpose, but I’m also happy to work on other kinds of writing for lay audiences. 

Emphatic Disclaimer: I tutor. I do not write your essays for you. I know there are plenty of people in Delhi who will do that, and trust me, you don’t want to hear me rant about them. Everything in me is opposed to that, and if you ask me to write your application essay for you, you will receive either no reply or a long rant against plagiarism!

On the other hand, if you simply want to write the best piece you can write and need some support along the way, I will gladly work with you from the prewriting stage through to the final edit — or wherever along that path you need help. Just come prepared to do the actual writing yourself.

​​Get in touch through the Contact Me page if you’re interested!

Aditi gave me very useful feedback on my personal statement for the Fullbright-Nehru Fellowship and also on my script for a TEDx talk. What I appreciate most about her approach is that she never imposes her ideas or style of writing on you, but rather encourages you to bring out your own voice in your own style. Also, she strongly believes that everyone is a writer, and that is very encouraging!
– Swati Sahni, Fullbright Fellow, Harvard Graduate School of Education


For many years now, I have been exploring interconnections between my own artistic practice, my work in education, and my passion for social justice. In my work at Pravah, I created curriculum around using Creative Writing as a tool for Personal and Social Transformation. In Studying Conflict Transformation and Peacebuilding, I looked at the intersections of poetry and peacebuilding, particularly as articulated by John Paul Lederach. During my summers working in rural Mexico, we explored the use of traditional arts in facilitating indigenous children’s connections to their communities or origin. While working at the Possibility Project, I deepened my sense of the ways in which the performing arts can be a powerful vehicle for social justice education. And through these years, I have learned from countless books, organisations, talks, articles, mentors, poems, and friends about the many ways in which the arts can facilitate social justice work, particularly social justice education.

In 2014, as part of the Change Looms fellowship program, I began my own experiment, pulling together learnings from all these different experiences and contexts. The experiment quickly snowballed into Tasawwur, an arts-for-social change program I am now running with teenagers in Delhi.

At Tasawwur, we believe deeply in the transformative power of the imagination and of community. With firm faith in the artistic process and in the power of meaningful cross-cultural relationships, we bring together a diverse group of teenagers in New Delhi to explore and transform some of the most complex social issues they grapple with. We use creative writing and the performing arts to support these young people on their explorations, helping them discover their unique voices and stories, while creating an atmosphere of care and respect for the voices and stories of others, and ultimately using their collective voice to effect positive change in the world.


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