“One of my mother’s favorite stories about my childhood is the memory of her six year old daughter walking into the first of many operation theatre. ‘So strong,’ she has said more than once, ‘like a little soldier.'”​​

Read my personal essay “A Feminist Guide to Illness” in the Hindu Business Line here


I will be reading at the Chandigarh literature festival this weekend (11th to 12th November), along with an amazing line up of writers. Looking forward to it so much. 

Here’s the full schedule

“Aditi Rao’’s writing is imbued with the attentiveness of a lepidopterist, the tenderness of an epicurean and the quiet, unflinching fortitude one associates with surgeons on the battlefront. The frontlines are those of attrition and loss — of the body, of memory, of time and space, and of love – where the poems themselves are acts of resistance, of survival, and, ultimately, of celebration and transcendence. A warning: The Fingers Remember can enter and occupy crannies of the reader’s mind, humming reminders that are at once unnervingly intimate yet strangely new. And it stays.”
​– Karthika Nair

Interested in polishing your writing craft? Finding a community of writers? Getting into a writing routine? Or just finding a place to pause amidst the busyness of your week and play with words? 

I host a 12-weekend creative writing workshop in New Delhi, as well as several other short term writing courses in different places, and I’d love to have you on board. Click below to find out more about the workshops or sign up for the mailing list.

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